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SEO for Hair Salons

SEO For Hair Salons

SEO for Hair Salons

Guide to Ranking Your Hair Salon in Google:

Times have changed from looking up local hair salons in a physical business directory book such as Yellow Pages. It is hard to find a salon that does not have some form of online presence either with a website, directory listing or a social media profile such as Instagram. The gap in the search results to get your website listed in the first page of Google is increasingly becoming smaller and more competitive as more businesses are now placing a higher importance and focus on online marketing. SEO for hair salons, hairdressers and hair stylists has become a core component when competing for customer loyalty and online bookings. A study conducted by Google displayed clear results that customers tend to skim-read Google results and prefer to click on search results which have local keywords in the title and description such as the location area.

Here are some local SEO tips for your hair salon website:

  1. NAP Business Details: NAP stands for name, address and phone number. It is a SEO terminology used when conducting local SEO to increase your website ranking locally and attract local customers. A very easy mistake that is often made by businesses is that the NAP is not consistent across the internet. This can be a simple mistake to make for example the business telephone number could be displayed as 0207-129-7474 on your website and +442071297474 on directories. To the human visitor, it still is the same phone number regardless of the area code or having spaces in-between the numbers but to Google bots, this is seen as a inconsistency and as two different numbers. This can lead to your hair salon website rank poorly in the local search results compared to a website which has it’s name, address and phone number consistent around the internet.

    Another common SEO mistake made often not the fault of the business owner is location maps. If searching for a hair salon in London, directory maps could be displaying your business details correctly but on the other-hand be displaying the location pin on the map different to your actual location. We have also come across location pins being different on other directory website which also displays maps. If you created the listing yourself, you can simply login and amend the error yourself otherwise you could send a email to the site contact forms and let them deal with it. Fixing irregularities in maps, about us pages and contact details is a simple SEO tip for hair salons to increase visibility and search engine rankings.

    When you do a full backlink check, it is only then you will be able to see a full list of where your website NAP is being displayed. There are various tools available for backlink research including Ahrefs, Majestic, SEMrush or SPYFU. We would recommend using Ahrefs since they provide a 14 days free trial which you can cancel after without paying a penny.

  2. Hair Salon Keywords: Help guide search engines on where to place your website in the search positions by describing your hair salon using clear descriptive keywords associated with the services you provide. Your meta title should include your main keywords that you are targeting and your company name at the end e.g Hair Extensions | Hair Colouring – Hair Salon Company.

    The description of your pages should contain information on where the business location resides and any local area names. Try to implement as many relevant keywords of the services that you provide such as hair extensions, hair colouring, hair shampooing or spa day salon with your location keyword e.g Hairdressers in London. Apply the same principle when utilising your social media profiles by expanding your about us area or twitter bios with hair salon keywords and location hash tags.

  3. Social Network Websites: Now that your website is optimised to rank for hair salon related keywords, it’s time to funnel visitors to your website. Enter your salon company name at and see how many social networks are still available. Each social network website is another form of getting people to your website and then converting them into appointment bookings. This step is probably the most time consuming step but it is also the most rewarding in terms of bringing new customers if completed correctly.

    Our aim is to signup to as many of these social network websites listed and create content linking to your main hair salon website. Not many people will be searching directly for your hair salon name but they might be searching for “hair colouring guides” or “best oils for my hair”, you will be creating specific niche content which will benefit the reader but will also list your business details. This will increase brand awareness and target local customers if the hair salon articles are optimised for local SEO.

    Let’s have a look at “blogger”. Your goal is to create a high quality looking page for each of the social network websites available to register. Treat each new social site as a website by creating high quality looking header images, having rich beneficial content, having extra pages such as about us, privacy policy and contact us. Each social network site will reflect your main website so take extra time creating them. As always, in order to SEO for your hair salon, you should add keyword rich H1 and H2 tags with your location e.g Hair Extensions Available at Hair Salon in London.

    Don’t Fall for Cheap SEO Services for Hair Salons:
    If you search online, you will find people offering cheap SEO services for Hair Salons on Fiverr and Gumtree. If someone is offering to do all this work for £5 or even £50, you must wonder, how exactly are their SEO services soo cheap? The majority of the time, these sellers are copying other peoples articles and using “spintax” to change some of the words around. These articles are of a poor quality and will not help rank your website. In fact, your rankings will drop due to the duplicate nature of the content. We advise you to write your own content as who else is more knowledgeable about your local area and hair salon business then yourself.

  4. Hair Salon Reviews: Some hairdressers can be shy to ask customers for reviews. Having raving reviews for your salon is a great tool for SEO and your rankings. There issimply no way to fake business reviews online without having it removed by Google. Asking friends and family for hair salon reviews is a great start but is short lived. The best way in our opinion to gain reviews for your hair salon is to:

    a) Ask them to follow your Salon on Facebook. Facebook provides a great way to review companies and once you have your customers added to your friends list, they can leave reviews which can also be seen on Google as Facebook Reviews.

    b) Provide a incentive for writing a quick review e.g 10% OFF. When accepting any bookings from customers over the phone, ask for their email address in order to send monthly deals or discount codes. You are then able to send all you salon clients a email requesting for 5 star reviews.

    c) If you sign up to local business review websites such as Trustpilot or Yelp, they offer multiple options in how you can request 5 star reviews from your clients using fancy emails or messaging systems. They are continuously improving their methods so sign up to Trustpilot and Yelp as a hair salon business and start getting reviews. As a salon business owner, you are able to join a larger number of websites to build your brand and increase traffic. Join LinkedIn and Foursquare as a company page to promote your salon services.

Before any SEO is conducted, your hair salon or hairdressers website needs to be optimised with every small detail excruciatingly checked to be SEO friendly in order to have the best chances to rank high in major search engines. Contact us via our website Live Chat for a free website check report sent to your email. We will illustrate opportunities where our SEO experts feel you can improve your hair salon website and information on how to do it yourself.

Insert shameless self promotion here *If this all sounds too daunting for you or you just want a professional London SEO company to make your life easier, we do offer local SEO services directed at hair salons in the UK. We have a custom SEO package price for this niche so drop us a message for a quick chat.*

We hope our hair salon marketing guide written above will help you increase traffic and boost conversions through implementing SEO on your website. Your main objective is to provide the user with a positive experience and for them to leave with beneficial information whether it being your business details or a simple articles about hair care. Let us know how you get on!

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