Questions to Ask when Hiring an SEO Company in London - PixoMarketing
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  • What is On-Page SEO?

  • Our team will have an in-depth review into the structure of your brand and provide an overall score out of 100. We will make recommendations on areas of improvement to provide your visitors with a greater experience from SEO, performance, design, content and overall accessibility. Our reports will contain site health audit, content audit, google penalty audit and conversion improvement audits. A business should realistically do a full site audit once a year if they want to keep up with their competitors.

  • How to Plan SEO?

  • Each SEO plan is handwritten to be unique with a long term goal in mind. It is vital to have a visual plan for both us and the client in order to review the on-going progress constantly. We will provide a tailored step by step SEO plan listing exactly what we will be doing and how it will translate into sales for your business. Having a written plan also allows the client to directly input ideas they feel would be beneficial to the campaign.

  • What is SEO Keyword Research?

  • The exact position of where your website is shown in search engines is significantly influenced by the words used on your pages, social platforms and business listings. From a search engines view, having the appropirate content related to your niche will require the correct keywords to be used, which type of words (stop words or keywords), the way they are used (alone or included in a phrase) and where they are used (anchor text or non-link text). Having a balanced ratio of each will increase your position vastly.

  • How to do SEO Competitor Research?

  • We find out exactly why your competitors are getting more or less traffic for the keywords you are similary ranking for. It is essential to track and review each competitor to understand what SEO method is working for them, which doesn’t work and what techniques they are using to target your audience. By reviewing those who are rising and those who have fallen in rankings, it will help your business adapt and make changes to stay on top.

  • Who are the best Social Media Management in London?

  • At PixoMarketing, our aim is to make all platforms of social media marketing simple. With our system the most novice of users can be able to increase their presence online and create a social media orientated community. Our management targets potential clients based on your requirements and also it is designed in a manner which eliminates the need to hire a social marketer full time. Our system operates 24/7 365 days a year.

  • How to write high quality SEO content?

  • Content is primarily what the user is searching for in various forms including articles, blogs, pictures, videos or other social medias. Simply, the more content you have the bigger your slice of the Google cake. With over 200 key factors effecting your position, having higher quality content than your competitors will make Google send more of its organic traffic to your business for a given keyword if it provides the user with a better experience. With Google constantly changing its ranking algorithms to ensure only the most relevant websites are shown at the top, it is more important then ever to make sure your website content is of a high targeted quality.

  • How to SEO Business Listing Optimisation?

  • Having your business listed locally through selective listing providers is another effective method of attracting local potential customers. Customers searching for your keywords or phrases would be able to see your company name, website, map and a telephone number to get in contact with. All search engines offer local business listings which will expand your site visibility, increase inbound links and increase your website traffic.

  • How to setup International SEO Campaigns?

  • When deciding to increase your target audience, launch your business into another country or simply to increase your brand awareness, it is important to understand how your business will be positioning against other local businesses who are already established in that country. They will undoubtedly have an increased advantage, however with our highly co-ordinated international SEO plan, we are able to gain positions and local traffic from our thoroughly carried out research.

  • How to see SEO ranking results live?

  • Whenever we can, we love producing reports, graphs and statistics but allowing our clients to have the ability to view our progress live is what we felt was the best option. We provide all our clients access to view their SEO progress and see the exact position of their website in all major search engines at any given time for each keyword. You can also view detailed information about your website visitors and their behaviour on your website.